Major Factors to Consider Before Making PE Lesson Plans

Sometimes it is considered that conducting a class is easy and it doesn’t need a lesson plan. And sometimes it is said that making a lesson plan is very simple and only takes 5 minutes.

Sorry to disappoint but- making a lesson plan is more than that.

PE lesson plans need time to make an effective draft as it engages with the physical building of the students.

So, here we will look at the major factors that need to be considered before making PE lesson plans.

1. Prerequisites

It is important that you understand what your students have already learned till now. What activities they have been engaged till now. Normally this would be done pretty easy as you would have been teaching the same batch the whole year unless you’re a transfer or replacement teacher. In this case, try contacting with the regular or previous teacher and get a hold of the lesson plans and everything about the progress of the students and where you need to pick up from.

2. Goals and outcomes

This is something you always should prefer having enlisted in your lesson plan. Because it’s nearly impossible to write an effective lesson plan without being clear about what you need to achieve out of it.

If your goal is to show your students on how to play basketball, then you would not prepare a lesson plan that includes the rules of badminton.

3. Materials

This is very important beforehand making lesson plans as this affects the activities you can plan. Limited or lacking materials could not make the possibility for certain activities to take place. Suppose you want your kindergarten students to learn to play the hoop. So, it is important that you check the availability of hoops beforehand assess the possibility. Ask for the missing materials to be provided to the school board in the other case.

4. Give a role for yourself

When you’re making a lesson plan for a sport or game, think of a good way that could motivate or make the students enjoy with you in the game. Think of a way to incorporate this into your lesson.